James Baraz & Kerstin Deibert: Awakening Joy 01.07.2023

James Barazin sykähdyttävä Awakening Joy mindfulness-päivä nyt Läsnäolon tilassa! Ohjaus on englannin kielinen.


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Ohjaaja: James Baraz & Kerstin Deibert
Ajankohta: 01.07.2023 klo 09.30-16.00
Paikka: Helsinki Läsnäolon Tila
Ota yhteyttä: info@mindfulness.fi


True happiness is not about acquiring anything but rather opening to the natural joy and aliveness right inside you.  This daylong workshop is based on the popular 5-month Awakening Joy course that thousands have taken since 2003 to develop our natural capacity for well-being and happiness.

We will learn basic principles and experiential exercises presented in a user-friendly way to deepen true well-being in our lives. Techniques for developing gratitude, learning to love yourself, opening up to difficulties as a path to joy, and finding joy in the happiness of others will be offered.

Joy is a general feeling of aliveness and well-being that is characterized by engagement with life, meeting its ups and downs with authenticity and perspective. It can look very different from person to person, from a quiet sense of contentment to bubbly enthusiasm. That will be one of your discoveries—identifying how joy expresses itself uniquely through you. Please note: You do not have to be a “joyful person” to benefit from this workshop, though you might have fun anyway.

James Baraz has been a meditation teacher since 1978. He leads retreats, workshops, and classes in the U.S and abroad. He is a co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California and the co-author of the book Awakening Joy: Ten Steps to Happiness as well as Awakening Joy for Kids. James has led a popular online course by that name since 2003. You can listen to dharma talks by James here.

Kerstin Deibert has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years, sitting intensive retreats in the US, Asia and Europe. She is a mentor for mindfulness practitioners and a trained MBSR teacher. A guiding question for her is how to apply the teachings of the Buddha to the global challenges of our times. She has worked as an activist, conflict mediator and trainer for nonviolence with NGOs and activist groups around the world.